Walton Ranch Performance Horses
Producing Exceptional Athletes with
Great Minds

At Walton Ranch we are dedicated to
producing pretty horses that are athletic
AND a pleasure to work with. Most of our
horses come from a breeding program that
has been years in the making. Our mares
and stallions must be exceptional as
individuals (possessing athletic ability and
the kind of disposition that makes them
great youth, beginner, or advanced
horses) and must also pass those
desirable traits on to the their offspring.
CLW Dont Skip Sonny
Lori Walton is a veteran of many aspects
of the horse business. She has trained
horses and people for western pleasure,
horsemanship, hunter under saddle, hunt
seat equitation, halter, showmanship,
trail, reining and barrel racing. She is a
carded judge with over 20 years of
judging experience and is qualified to
judge horse shows, as well as versatility
ranch horse competitions. Lori has been
hired to give seminars and presentations
at several equine expos, including Equine
Affaire, Equifest of Kansas, and Horse
World Expo of Maryland. In addition, she
is an equine photographer whose
expertise as a professional horsewoman
gives her insight in capturing the right
Lori Walton